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Release and Patch your software with confidence

Release Manager is a Release and Patching too for any software project. Release Manager takes the uncertainty out of patching your software projects, leaving you to focus on the features in your product and not the hassle of distribution.

Release Manager solves the problem of keeping any number of software installations up to date easily. A tool built to manager release of your application or game across multiple platforms. Its geared towards ease of use and small download footprints.

Releasing Software has always had a logistical distribution problem. Client applications weather they are for customers or for internal use have presented a challenge keeping them all on the same version.

General Features

  •     Making releasing easy
  •     Manages updates after release
  •     Package product installations
  •     Works with any executable
  •     Integrated SFTP and FTP for uploading
  •     Amazon S3 support
  •     Creates small patches
  •     Auto repairs corrupted installations
  •     Wysiwyg launcher designer
  •     Updateable launcher design
  •     Launcher updates itself
  •     Manages online/offline status
  •     Automatic patching and launching for unattended solutions
  •     Keep versions in sync or allow users to choose when to update

Unity Specific features

  •     Unity integration (graphics settings)
  •     Can replace the Unity Display Dialog
  •     Unity plugin

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Summary: The only patching/ game client you will ever need!

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Release Manager

Release Manager